Goodbye to a great 2017 and welcome to an even more promising 2018!

It is very difficult to summarise last year in a few words.

Nitmiluk Tours and Cicada Lodge have grown even further, thanks to all our beautiful guests and to the hard work of our sensational, passionate team.

The recent wins of the AHA Gold Plate Award for Fine Dining at Cicada Lodge, together with the Brolgas QANTAS Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island for Nitmiluk Tours, coupled with the Brolgas award for Luxury Accommodation again for Cicada Lodge, have been the cherry on the cake!

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For now, we leave you to a special day of celebrations with your loved ones and… Thank you for your being part of what Nitmiluk Tours and Cicada Lodge are. The overwhelming number of cards and messages for this festive season from our guests and customers are a true sign of appreciation. That is what really matter to us.

Have a happy 2018 ahead and… keep traveling!