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Our Policies


These policies are applicable to all Guests booking directly with Nitmiluk Tours Pty Ltd (ABN 94 0238 946 10)


Prices shown are current, in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice.


Prices shown in this website are inclusive of GST (10% Goods and Services tax), based on the legislation at the time of most recent update. Nitmiluk Tours reserves the right to adjust prices in accordance with any changes in the GST legislation.


Payment in full for all products (excluding Cicada Lodge) is taken at the time of booking. For Cicada Lodge Bookings, payment in full (including 1.8% Surcharge for AMEX) will be deducted from your nominated Credit Card as follows:

Peak Season: 30 days prior to arrival.
Shoulder & Wet Season: 21 days prior to arrival.

Nitmiluk Tours and Cicada Lodge may, at their option, cancel any booking not paid in full prior to arrival. 


All group reservations are to be requested in writing to . Group Discounts may apply.
All group reservations are to be pre-paid twenty-eight (28) days prior to arrival.


Commissions will only be paid/ granted for approved Nitmiluk Selling Agents. To request to be set up as a Nitmiluk Selling Agent, please contact  


Where a booking has been made and confirmed with Nitmiluk Tours and is subsequently cancelled the following refund policy shall apply:


  • More than forty-eight (48) hours prior to departure: FULL REFUND
  • Between forty-eight (48) & twenty-four (24) hours prior to departure: 50% REFUND
  • Less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to departure: NO REFUND


• More than seven (7) days prior to check-in: FULL REFUND
• Between seven (7) days and forty-eight (48) hours prior to check-in: 50%REFUND
• Less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to check-in: NO REFUND

Cicada Lodge

Peak Season:
• More than thirty (30) days prior to check-in: FULL REFUND
• Between thirty (30) days and fourteen (14) days prior to check-in: 50%REFUND
• Less than fourteen (14) days prior to check-in: NO REFUND

Shoulder & Wet Season:
• More than twenty-one (21) days prior to check-in: FULL REFUND
• Between twenty-one (21) days and seven (7) days prior to check-in: 50%REFUND
• Less than seven (7) days prior to check-in: NO REFUND

All refunds will be issued at the point of sale.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

Following a confirmed border closure or hot spot announcement (for travel into the Northern Territory and/or Australia in general), reservations will be fully transferrable or refundable until the departure/ stay date.


All tour times are approximate and tour length may vary depending on tour group dynamics and conditions.


All Boat Tours require walking between the Gorges along man-made, uneven paths (min 800m total per tour). 
Boarding for all departures is 15 minutes prior to departure at the Nitmiluk Boat Jetty (400m walk from the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre). Ticket sales will cease at this time. 
Marine toilet facilities and cold drinking water are available on board each tour. It is important you wear appropriate footwear and be mindful of your surroundings at all times. 

All Wet Season Tours (typically Oct-Apr)* require walking on either man-made, uneven paths or very rocky, natural trails (not man-made paths. Rock-hopping is typically required during this time of the year. Walking (per tour) can range from 800m (total) to 1500m (total) per tour, depending on river levels.

*Excludes Power Boat Tours

Canoe Adventure Tours: Double Canoes must carry 2x persons only, and singles canoes must carry 1x person only. Day canoe tours require a $50.00 pre-authorisation or refundable cash deposit per canoe at the time of registration. A $60.00 pre-authorisation or refundable cash deposit is required per canoe for two-day tours. Boarding for all departures is 30 minutes prior to departure at the Nitmiluk Boat Jetty (400m walk from the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre.) Ticket sales will cease at this time. Manual portage between the gorges is required for guests wanting to venture further than the second gorge, walking on uneven and wet natural and/or man made paths. Moderate – high fitness level required - ensure you wear the appropriate footwear and be aware of your surroundings at all time. Please see the following link for more info

Cutta Cutta Caves Tours: The guided tour involves walking of 1.5kms (round trip). The walking surface is un-even in some sections. The caves are a warm humid environment so be prepared with light loose clothing and plenty of water.


All passengers are required to arrive at the Tour Departure Point 15 minutes prior to departure.


Nitmiluk Tours shall be under no obligation or liability to any person as a result of inaccuracies or misrepresentation contained herein or in respect of any price, detail or service appearing herein. Nitmiluk Tours shall not be liable for any accident, injury, death, delay, irregularity, loss or damage caused by or arising out of the provision or failure to provide any such service. Please note that all Gorge Tours involve walking on uneven natural and/or man made paths. Wear appropriate footwear and be mindful of your surroundings at all times. 


Where Nitmiluk Tours acts as an agent for a sub-contractor for optional tours Nitmiluk Tours shall not be or become liable whatsoever for any injury or loss of any type arising in any manner including whether as a result of negligence or otherwise. Prices quoted are current at the time of printing.


All bookings are subject to confirmation. Nitmiluk Tours retains the right to alter departure times, schedules, itineraries, vehicles, vessels or sub-contractors as it sees fit due to changes in river levels and conditions, weather or other reasons beyond control. Any personal expenses incurred by passengers as a result of any delay, alteration or curtailment of any tour are the responsibility of the passenger. Passengers are recommended to take out travel insurance.


Nitmiluk Tours Pty Ltd shall not be liable for failure or delay in delivering obligations under the booking contract if the cause of the delay or failure is due to reasons beyond its control. These include, but are not limited to: war or threat of war, civil or political action or disturbance, riot, natural disaster, fire, epidemic, bad weather, terrorist activity (threatened or actual), military activity, governmental or regulatory action, industrial dispute, failure of power or machinery, failure of or interruption in externally provided services and utilities. 


Where items belonging to guests have been found or have been delivered to a Nitmiluk Tours or Cicada Lodge team member, and in case the owner can be clearly identified, guests will be contacted and any confirmed item returned to them by registered mail. If the  owner of any found item cannot be identified, the item will be securely stored and held by Nitmiluk for a period of three months. If after this period the owner of the lost article has not contacted the property or has otherwise been identified, the article will be either disposed of or be given to a local charity organisation.


Nitmiluk attempts to offer Wi-Fi services at the Gorge and Cicada Lodge. Due to the remoteness of the location, connectivity is often unreliable and slow- this is a matter that also affects our reservations team. We are currently working with Telstra towards a solution. At the time being, we are not in a position to guarantee that our Guests will be able to use the Wi-Fi all the time - or at all - and we cannot guarantee the speed that our Guests might be used to. Please be prepared to know that during your stay Wi-Fi might not be available. 


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