Heading into the National Park? These gadgets provide peace of mind for your family.

Bushwalkers and adventurers alike are often engaged in activities in remote locations where mobile coverage is limited or non-existent. Advances in current technology now mean there are a number of devices and Apps available to help keep you safe in remote locations such as national parks.

A bit of foresight and planning can make a big difference to your outing, and having these gadgets available immediately is worth it for peace of mind in an emergency situation.

There are a number of safety gadgets available that rely on satellite technology, rather than mobile technology. Here is a sample of some of these gadgets:

SPOT Device

SPOT goes beyond the boundaries of mobile coverage and can be used to notify rescue officials in an emergency at the push of a button. Its numerous features also allow you to notify friends and family of your location by monitoring your GPS position and status and marking waypoints. There is a one off fee to purchase the SPOT device which then requires a service plan that is separate to your mobile phone.

Emergency + App

A cheaper option is the Emergency + App available for both Android and iOS. This free App was developed by Australia’s emergency services, Government and industry partners. Although it sits on your mobile device it uses GPS satellites to pinpoint your co-ordinates to work out your position, and then it contacts Triple Zero. This App will only work on your mobile phone when you are in a mobile coverage zone within Australia.

Satellite Phone

There is also the option to carry a satellite phone. You can hire or purchase your own satellite phone which is a great option for keeping in touch with family and friends when your mobile phone is not available.

Locator Beacon

personal locator beacon is activated when you set off a distress beacon. The beacon is also known by some people as an EPIRB, and is a device available for purchase that is separate to your mobile phone. Top brands in Australia include RescueMe, GME and KTI.

As with all travel and explorations, remember to tell people where you are going and leave an itinerary with family or friends so they know where you’re going. Always be prepared, check in when you get back, and last but not least, stay safe and enjoy your adventure!