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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our customers' most frequently asked questions. If you have a query that is not answered here, please contact us online or by telephone within Australia on 1300 146 743 or outside Australia on +618 8971 1022.

Is it necessary to pre book tours?

It is essential to pre book tours to avoid disappointment especially during the months of (June-August).

Is there an ATM (automated teller machine - money withdrawing facilities) at the Nitmiluk Visitors Center?

Yes. We also have eftpos (electronic fund transfer at point of sale - pay by debit or credit card) facilities you can use if you make a minimum purchase of $10.00. We accept most major Credit Cards.

Is there disabled access on the boats?

Passengers who are disabled, have difficulty walking and are not sure footed should be informed of the walking aspect of the 2 Gorge Cruise. We encourage people with these conditions to partake in the tour however there is a walk of approx. 400-800m (depending on river level) between the first and second Gorge, if you feel as though you are unable to do the walk we are happy for you to stay on the first boat and wait for the others to return. This could be a wait of aprox. 40 minutes.

How much walking is involved in each tour?

  • Nit Nit Dreaming 2 Gorge Cultural Cruise - approx 700m
  • Timeless Land 3 Gorge Cruise - several hundred metres
  • Dawn Break Breakfast Cruise - approx 800m
  • Nitmiluk Buffet Lunch Cruise - approx 800m
  • Nabilil Dreaming Sunset - approx 800m

What are the Visitor Centre’s operating hours?

During April-November the centre is opened 7.00am-6.00pm daily and the bistro opens 8.00am-3pm. The restaurant during these months is also open at night for night functions, tours and meals.

Can you purchase food and drinks on board the boats?

There are no facilities to purchase food and beverage on board at present however there is cool drinking water available. Packed lunches and picnic packs can be pre arranged from the centre.

Are there bathroom facilities on board the boats?

Yes there is a toilet on board, however as they are marine toilets we suggest that it is not appropriate for changing into swimwear, as there is limited space.

Is special clothing or equipment required?

It is advisable that comfortable walking shoes are worn for all tours, the guide reserves the right to refuse taking any passengers wearing thongs or barefoot. As parts of most tours expose passengers to the direct sun it is also wise to bring a hat and sunscreen. Bathers should be worn on the Timeless Land Cruise as there is no allocated area to get changed. Under no circumstance are high heels or dress shoes to be worn on the evening dinner cruise, smart casual dress required only.

Is it necessary to call 24hrs prior to departure to confirm booking?

Yes, although it is not entirely necessary it is advisable to ensure that all your tour details are correct, and the tour is operating as normal.

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