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Animals play an important role in our natural environment. Some animals are responsible for assisting in the cycle of nutrients through the ecosystem; others are important because they increase the rate of decomposition; while others are valuable because they provide conditions that enable other species to survive and prosper. These animals are also important for industry, tourism, and local culture.

The Northern Territory supports a wide diversity of native animals, from insects and reptiles through to marsupials and mammals. Some of our native animals have become threatened as a result of changes to natural conditions (deforestation, altered burning regimes, disturbance, etc.), competition with exotic animals, and loss of habitat. Other native animals may be considered to be a nuisance because they smell, bite or make lots of noise; nonetheless, these animals still have an important place in our natural environment.

In addition to the native animals, the Northern Territory also supports a large number of exotic animals – including terrestrial vertebrates (horses, donkeys and camels), invertebrates (ants, snails, spiders, cockroaches), as well as aquatic and marine animals.


When it comes to crocodiles, the Northern Territory Government takes your safety seriously, but ultimately how you behave around crocodile habitats is your responsibility. It must be assumed that any body of water in the Top End may contain large and potentially dangerous crocodiles.

The Northern Territory Government Parks and Wildlife Service actively manages saltwater crocodiles to reduce the risk of crocodile attack across the Top End, with the exception of Australian Government controlled lands such as Kakadu National Park.

In the Top End, many people live and participate in recreation activities in and near waterways. People need to be CROCWISE and know how to enjoy the waters in safety.

CROCWISE integrates public education and active crocodile management by the Northern Territory Government to reduce the risk of crocodile attacks in the Top End.

To report a Crocodile to the Crocodile Management Team, please call:

(08) 8999 4691 or 0419 822 859 (Darwin)
(08) 8973 8888 or 0407 958 405 (Katherine)

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