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Walking Trails

Breathe in the beauty of Nitmiluk National Park and walk your way in and around its many spectacular sites. Whether it's a gentle stroll along the riverbanks, an overnight adventure or a five-day hike along the 66 kilometre Jatbula Trail, there is a walk suitable for you and your companions. You'll be rewarded at every turn with lush flora, stunning scenery and Australian wildlife, and depending on your trail, waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art.

Walking trails in the Nitmiluk National Park are filled with countless natural treasures. The geology of the area is fascinating with the formation of the gorge from the surrounding sandstone-conglomerate plateau making an intriguing study. Aboriginal art can be seen along the base of the sandstone escarpment as you travel along the Katherine River, and other sites showing evidence of traditional Jawoyn activities appear throughout the Park.

More detailed information, guide books and maps can be found in the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre or in the 'Guide to Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park Walking Map'. A new publication 'Jawoyn Plants and Animals' is now available from the Nitmiluk shop and offers detailed information of Aboriginal flora and fauna knowledge.

Jatbula Trail

  • All bookings for the Jatbula Trail are made by visiting NT Parks and Wildlife.
  • Bookings for the Jatbula Trail commence on November 1st for the following year with the trail having a maximum capacity of 15 walkers departing per day. The recommended walking season for the Jatbula Trail is from the 1st of June to the 30th of September.
  • The walk can be undertaken over either 5 or 6 days. A camping fee is applicable per person per night and is required to secure your booking.
  • Access on the Trail varies according to seasonal conditions and management practices. For enquiries about walking the Trail between 1 October and 31 May please contact
  • The walk starts on the eastern side of 17 Mile Creek and is accessible only by a ferry ride across the Katherine River. Ferry ride bookings must be arranged with Nitmiluk Tours.
  • All walkers must register at the Nitmiluk Centre before starting (between 8am and 1pm) and deregister at Edith Kiosk upon return (before 5pm). If you expect to arrive at Edith Falls later than intended, report your delay using an Emergency Call Device along the way. 
  • Walkers planning to commence walk before 7am will need to arrange a safety briefing the day prior to departure.

Northern Rockhole and Jatbula Trail

The Northern Rockhole is a spectacular waterfall and natural swimming spot (depending on the season), not too far from the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre. Enquire at the visitors centre for more information.

The most extensive walk on the Jatbula Trail is a 66 kilometre, five day walk from Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge to Leilyn (Edith Falls). This challenging trail features stunning scenery, waterfalls and Aboriginal rock art along the way.

Jatbula Trail Informations Sheet or visit the Jatbula Trail page for more information.

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