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Seasons of Nitmiluk

Popular belief divides the Top End into two seasons, wet and dry. However, for the Jawoyn people, who are traditional custodians and owners of Nitmiluk National Park, the year does not divide so simply.

The Jawoyn identify at least five major and many more minor seasons in the annual cycle which are defined by the ebb and flow of nature. In Jawoyn culture, there is a time to hunt, a time to harvest and a time to roam.

Your experiences at Nitmiluk also vary with the Jawoyn seasons. In the drier weather – Pankarrang, Malapparr and Jungalk - escape the cooler temperatures of the southern winter and enjoy blue skies, warm dry days and cool nights...perfect for outdoor adventures and touring.
Witness impressive electrical storms, sun showers and warm humid weather during the wetter seasons – Kuran, and Jiyowk. The waterfalls are in full flow, the river is a mighty torrent, and the landscape is lush green.

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