On behalf of the traditional owners of the land, the Jawoyn people of Katherine, We welcome you to Nitmiluk,the place of the Cicada dreaming.

Start your day early with Dawn Cruise Tour, to discover the unspoiled beauty of the morning. Immerse yourself with the vibrant colours, the mysterious mist above the water, the sounds of wildlife waking up, and the crisp fresh air. Afterwards, you can stop over at Nitmiluk Cafe Bistro at Visitor Centre. With spectacular views over the Katherine River from the outdoor deck, this licensed restaurant offers sitdown menus, a quick bite, coffee and refreshment.

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Why not have an adventurous day of canoeing at the gorge with Malappar Traveller? Before getting onto the canoes, you will have a short scenic cruise through Nitmiluk’s first gorge. Canoeing starts from the second gorge. Depends on your choice, you can explore at least 2 gorges at your own pace, with ample time to admire the scenery and wildlife; enjoy a picnic on the shaded river banks or cool off with a swim in the alluring waters of the second or third gorge. After an outdoor session, you can finish the day with the relaxing and magic experience of Nabilil Dreaming Sunset Dinner Cruise. Considered the jewel in the crown of the Nitmiluk experience, the cruise will transport you into a spiritual world of the Jawoyn culture and history.

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