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Footsteps of our Ancestors - 5 h Tour

Approximately 5 hours
On Group Request (min 10 pax) email:
  • Adult $148.00
  • Child $116.00pp (6 - 15 inclusive)
  • Valid until 31 March 2021

This flexible tour operates at Nitmiluk and is lead by a cultural team of three to four local Jawoyn Team Members. You will be greeted by the group who will welcome you to their country and prepare you for the day ahead. The tour is designed to be flexible, and this can include starting times, depending on your needs and the size of your group.

Terrain varies so make sure you wear suitable footwear to fully enjoy the experience. The tour starts with a guided bushwalk where you will learn about native plants and traditional uses for the plant including medicinal and dietary uses. No outdoor bushwalking experience is complete without billy tea made over the fire! Prepare to enjoy this unique experience while you sit back and relax in nature’s surroundings. 

Next, we break off into activities where you will be able to try everything on offer, provided you are not Jawoyn, as the traditional Jawoyn Lore provides for a separation of designated activities between men and women.

The activities include spear throwing with a Woomera. The technique is demonstrated for you, and be warned, it’s not as easy as it looks! Depending on the size of the group you might have a few turns at spear throwing.

During basket weaving, sit with the Jawoyn women where they will show you the basket weaving process. It is a lengthy process using stripped and dried pandanus. You will get a hands on opportunity to see it, prepare it and touch it.

The next activity, fire lighting, is quite challenging. The guides will show the special technique and method of rubbing two sticks together - sounds easy doesn't it? Come along and try it for yourself, we will be impressed if you start a fire through this technique. 

Learn about the Didgeridoo including the technique of circular breathing, and why traditionally women are not allowed to play it.

The benefit of this tour is that it is conducted at a very relaxed pace. The smaller group sizes provide plenty of opportunities for guests to ask questions to the cultural guides. Each guide shares their own learned life experiences and those traditions passed on from their ancestors. This makes for no tour the same as the last.

The day concludes with a BBQ lunch where a kangaroo tail is also prepared and served. You can be a part of the action. Like in a tug of war, the kangaroo skin is removed from the tail in preparation for cooking, it is quite a fun activity! The BBQ includes sausages, steaks and salads - vegetarian and vegan options available. Enjoy!


To make a booking please contact us at:
P: (08) 8971 0877

  • A bush morning tea and BBQ lunch with salads
  • Spear throwing
  • Basket weaving
  • Fire lighting
  • Didgeridoo playing
  • Kangaroo tail tasting

All tours will be held at the Nitmiluk Cultural Centre, located at the Entrance of the Park (4kms from the Nitmiluk Visitors Centre – Parking available).


Inspiring cultural tour

Awesome and inspiring. So culturally enriching for our family. We felt privileged to be allowed such insights into the worlds most ancient and proud people. We learnt so much. Could not be more highly recommended.
Shell2516, TripAdvisor Member

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